[every now and then you may hear clucking in the background. Do Popple a favor and ignore it]

Long time, no see, eh chumps? I bet some of you familiar faces are surprised to see ol' Popple back on board with the lot of you. Never thought I'd be finding myself back in this dump either, but I s'pose the need to serve and protect the innocents is just too powerful an urge to ignore. Call it my life calling, see?

Yeah, ya heard right! I, Popple, the Shadow.....Bean, protector of the world's riches, denier of evil deeds, am now your new SECURITY GUY. So sleep tight, ya little munchkins. Your prized possessions are safe and sound under my watchful eye, ya hear?

Now that I got those formalities outta the way, how the heck does this gig work exactly. The giant talking glove didn't exactly hand over...eheh...a manual, see? Do I at least get dibs on the lost and found box?

......Rookie ain't still here, is he?

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*ahem* I have an important announcment to make, see?

Mister Chase is a freaky


completely jerkish

ice-dotin', book-lickin'

spectacular example of a



And his class is boooooring

That is all.

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Heya, chumps! Pleasure ta meet all of ya. Boy,  there's a bunch of straaaange faces out here, and this is comin' from a guy who thought he's seen everything! Anyway, my name is Popple, see? So don't you forget it!

This is a nice school you all got here, I hope none of you mind me makin' myself at home. We get free food, right? And do I hafta get acquainted with a roommate? I got no problem with that, see? Hope we get along just dandy!, anyone interested in a life of crime and adventure? Give me a call and we'll talk it out, see?


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